Escort workers in higher education

J.Nicole, aged twenty five, now is the director of the escort worker outreach project, has become an escort having moved to Chicago for high school study. She recalls she was in a private college and had student charge card debt, and decided that the situation was just ridiculous, said J. Doe, aged thirty two, a doctoral student at the University of Southern California. Doe, pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in creative writing and literature and, said that her friend was able to pay the debts by stripping and did not seem to be damaged emotionally.

Doe said she really loved it, as of all the shit jobs she had ever had, it was the only one that was not a shit at all. The research shows that ten percent of students engage in escort work to help themselves financially, 16.5 percent indicating it permits them to pay for their education. With all these problems deals SWOP, a national social network dedicated to the rights of sexual workers.

For J.Nicole sexual work was the only work option that allowed her to scratch out and be a full-time student. Escorting in graduation school was helped her to pay her debts, as college graduates carry an average $25,000 twenty five dollars of debt. She did sexual work to live and be the student and then she graduated and couldn’t find a job because she had a master’s degree in humanities. Nicole says that sex work is like any other. Though student sexual workers constitute a significant part of the industry, they do not represent the whole.

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